The dead man alarm is a safety measure. Whenever there is a alarm during the UMS time the duty engineer is the only person goes down in the engine room to rectify the alarm and his safety is paramount. That is why dead man alarm gets activated automatically together with UMS alarm. While the duty engineer is working down in the engine room, he needs to reset the UMS alarm every 20 minutes which van be done from every platform in the engine room.

    If the duty engineer fails to reset the dead man alarm during these 20 minutes, there will be a warning light indication for the next 3 minutes. The duty engineer can also reset the alarm during these 3 minutes time. But if he fails to reset the dead man alarm during the warning time also then the dead man alarm sounds in the engine room, navigation bridge and also in the accommodation.

    And the rest of the crew will come to know that something wrong has happened with the duty engineer and he needs immediate help. This way dead man alarm works for the safety of the duty engineer.

    Dead Man Alarm for ER

    The dead man alarm system is designed to monitor the ability of the engineer on duty in the engine room. Just before entering the engine room, the engineer on duty should start the adjustable countdown (3 – 27min) of the dead man alarm system for his own safety. In case no reset has been trigged by pushing one of the installed reset units during the pre-defined time the dead man alarm system will start an alarm escalation sequence.

    If the dead man alarm system does not detect any reset the alarm will escalate to backup engineer cabin to advise disability of duty personnel. Additionally, the dead man alarm system provides the possibility to call for immediate assistance by pushing one of the reset units for longer than 5 seconds (emergency call).

    1. intuitive and comfortable use
    2. compact connecting module picks-up all periphery equipment
    3. easy to install
    4. modern control philosophy with rotary encoder allows to check all connected devices and links
    5. all major classification societies

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