It’s hard to love sailors, you don’t get to see them more often. Here’s a letter to Sailor’s lover

My Love,

It’s not about my journey around the earth,
Not regarding the ‘money’ that attracts like a magnet.
Nor regarding the gorgeous girls I once contend some mess…
But.. IT’S FINDING YOU.. that is.. My greatest success..

You must be that powerful to risk your heart love some American state,
When you grasp others doubted us-“Men engaging at Sea”.
You must be powerful to believe the words I say,
When you grasp, I will perpetually lie, whereas I’m away…
You’re that powerful to fight on behalf of me against your succor,
When she’s badmouthing American state, you’re there to defend,
You must be powerful to not hear your family,
When all they require to mention is for you to go away me…

You must be that powerful to avoid the temptation,
When plenty of fellows area unit when for your attention,
You must be that powerful to conquer your feeling,
And with patience watch for American state on my next vacation…

You must be that powerful to boost the kids alone,
When you see some wives, with their husband’s reception…
You do love American state that abundant for not material possession American state worry,
With all the burdens that you altruistically carry…

My love, I typically surprise if loyalty is enough,
If the long wait is worthwhile ’til the day I return…
If love will actually conquer the check of distance,
Or is it simply a fantasy with none assurance…
There area unit times once I am cursed with melancholy,
I think of you as my imagination flies freely,
How I’m wished the times would pass quicker,
It’s your smile, my love, that’s my sole remedy…

You must grasp by currently, You’re my greatest accomplishment.
A dream I once thought had no likelihood of fulfillment.
Thank you for being powerful… And for the superb LOVE…
You are the simplest a part of my life… My best gift from on top of…

I may be powerful. however, i’m glad you’re more durable.
Sending my love from a distance


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