All those who are planning to be part of merchant navy or already a part of the same must be looking for updated Merchant Navy Salary In India 2021. Merchant navy salary per month in India is one of the important as well as common queries that arouse in mind of candidates.

So, here, merchant navy all post salary list has been prescribed so that candidates can easily check the latest merchant navy pay scale for different posts as per its seniority level that includes the posts of Captain, Cadet, Deck Officer, etc. Go through this page as here you will get to know about Captain salary in merchant navy, merchant navy Cadet salary in India as well as Deck Officer salary in merchant navy.

Merchant Navy Salary in India Per Month is given in the below segment of this page. Check Merchant Navy Salary in Rupees form from here. Merchant Navy Ranks and Salary in India are prescribed here.

Merchant navy captain salary in Indian rupees (Rs. 8,50,000 to Rs 21,50,000 / month):

The captain of the ship has got the highest authority as it sees all the operations carried out on the board. Entire ships as well as the crew member’s responsibilities are handled out by the captain.

The captain can only report to the ship owner of the company. By various names, a captain is to be called out such as Master, Chief Officer, Chief Mate and Skipper. Salary of Merchant Navy Captain or Salary Of Chief Officer In Merchant Navy in India is given below:

Chief Officer Merchant Navy Salary India/ Merchant Navy Captain Salary In India/ Salary of Merchant Navy Officer in India:

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ProfileQualificationField RequisiteAverage Salary (Approx.)
Merchant Navy Captain Salary IndiaMaster (FG) Certificate of Competency4-5 years of experience in the industryRs. 8,50,000 to 22,00,000 per month

Cadet Salary in Merchant Navy (Rs. 30000 to Rs. 40000/ month):

The work of deck cadets is to assist in ship maintenance as well as in all the day to day operations. All the preparation work related to departure, navigation, cargo related duties are assisted by them. Their rank is considered as the lowest one but it is a mandatory step for reaching the higher rank. Salary of Cadet in Merchant Navy or Merchant Navy Deck Cadet Salary In India is given below:

salary of cadet in merchant navy / Deck Cadet in Merchant Navy Salary:

ProfileQualificationField RequisiteAverage Salary (Approx.)
Trainee CadetClass 12 along with pre -sea Nautical Diploma1 year pre sea courseRs. 25,000 to 85, 000 per month
Deck Cadet Salary Per Month in IndiaClass 12 along with pre -sea Nautical Diploma18th months of service at sea
as deck cadet
Rs. 25,000 to 85, 000 per month

Deck Officer Salary Per Month (Rs. 1,50,000):

The deck officer responsibility is to ensure that smooth running and appropriate duties is to be carried out above the deck. All the communications, navigations of the ship are to be handled out by the Merchant Navy Deck Officer. Safety of the ship’s crew as well as the cargo is also the responsibility of the deck officer.

As per the experience, a deck officer can work at any of these four levels: Master (Captain), Chief Officer, Second Officer and Third Officer. Deck Officer Salary in India is up to Rs. 1,50,000 per month.

ProfileDeck Officer
Average Merchant Navy Salary India (approx.)Rs. 1,50,000 per month

Merchant Navy Crew Salary:

Two types of jobs are there in Merchant Navy:

(i) Licensed Crew: Candidates that have required necessary qualification and has a certification of national or international organization can take up the licensed jobs.

(ii) Unlicensed Crew: Candidates who doesn’t have any specific qualifications but have the required certificate to work on ocean bound ships can apply for these jobs.

ProfileUnlicensed Crew on Merchant Navy
Average Merchant Navy India Salary (approx.)Rs.75,000 to Rs.125,000/month

Salary Of Engineers In Merchant Navy

Chief Engineer Salary In Merchant Navy:

The rank of a Chief Engineer is approximately equals to captain rank. So, the salary structure is approximately the same as compared to the captain job profile. The responsibility of chief engineer is to check out the overall work functioning of vessel such as maintaining the engine, speed of vessel etc.

ProfileChief Engineer
Average Salary (approx.)Rs.500, 000 to Rs.1.2 million/ month

Second Engineer:

The second engineer work is to lead out the team of other engineers for proper work functioning. The second engineer looks out on the position of fuels, safety of equipments, engine supervision etc As per the situation, second engineers reports to the captain or chief Engineer.

ProfileSecond Engineer
Average Merchant Navy Monthly Salary (approx.)Rs.400,000 to Rs.1 Million per month

Third Engineer:

Generation of electricity, communication equipment maintenance and various other works distributed by second engineer, first engineer and captain comes under the responsibility of third engineer. Also, hygiene of the ship as well as water supply under washrooms is to be checked out by the third engineer.

ProfileThird Engineer
Average Salary (approx.)Rs.400,000 to Rs.900,000/ month

Fourth Engineer:

Their work is to assist the third engineer after receiving the instructions from 2nd engineer. Daily fuel inventory, engine oil, spare parts and various other essential requirements that are needed for smooth running of the ship is to be carried out by fourth engineer.

ProfileFourth Engineer
Average Salary (approx.)Rs.300,000 to Rs.500,000/ month)

Engineering Cadet in merchant navy :

The position of engineering cadet is given to the candidates that have done graduation in a technical school from a maritime institute. Their job is to take responsibilities of third and fourth engineer.

Diploma holders of mechanical and engineering streams with requisite education are taken as cadets in merchant navy. Repairs of engine, garbage clearance as well as filling of oil in the ship etc are some of the responsibilities of an engineering cadet.

ProfileEngineering Cadet
Average Salary (approx.)Rs.150,000 to Rs.300,000

Merchant Navy 2nd Officer Salary in India (Second Officer):

The duty of second officer is to directly report to the captain (first mate). Second Officer is also called as second mate whose work is to assist the captain’s duties.

Its responsibility is to interact with the other crew members and assign duties to them. Its work is to coordinate with the captain to send message to the owner of the shipping company. 2nd Officer Salary in Merchant Navy is given below:

Merchant Navy Second Officer Salary In India:

ProfileSecond Officer
Average Monthly Salary Of 2nd Officer In Merchant Navy (approx.)Rs. 400,0000 to Rs. 10,00,000 / month

Third Officer:

The working of a third officer often called as third mate is to keep a check on the technical operations of the ship. Apart from that, speed, fuel and resolving of technical or mechanical problems by engineers come under the duty of third officer.

ProfileThird Officer
Average Salary (approx.)Rs. 400,000 to Rs. 800,000/ month

Port Captain:

There is a special designation in merchant navy called as Port Captain and its designation is approximately the same as Captain or first mate. When a port captain is called up on any port, it took up the complete charge of the Merchant Navy vessel.

Their work is to coordinate with the ship chandlers and other ground handling agents, loading and offloading of cargo, handling of proper documentation to port authorities is also done by Port Captain.

ProfilePort Captain
Average Salary (approx.)Rs.500,000 to Rs. 10 Lacs / month

Merchant Navy Salary After 10th:

After passing Class 10th, candidates can join a 6 month course known as GP Rating (General Purpose Rating) to get job in merchant navy as Deck or Engine crew. .

ProfileQualificationField RequisiteAverage Salary (Approx.)
GP RatingClass 10th4+ 2 months of pre-sea courseRs. 25,000 to 60,000 per month

Other Profile Pay Scales in Merchant Navy:

Chief CookRs. 1 -1.5 lakhs
Mess manAround Rs. 1 lakh

Other Allowances in Merchant Navy:

Beside Merchant Navy Salary 2021, the employees get other allowances. These all are have been well mentioned in the beneath section of the page. Aspirants are advised to scroll down this page carefully.

  • Full medical coverage for self and dependents
  • Long, land-based leave sometimes as long as 90 days for every nine months of work taken at stretch or in parts
  • Free food and drinks during voyage
  • Allowance for expenses in foreign countries
  • Free lodging and meals at port of call
  • Risk Allowance paid by some shipping companies that are forced to sail in pirate infested waters
  • Benefits from the Indian government including Non Resident Indian (NRI) status that exempts income from foreign companies of Income Tax.
  • Special housing schemes for seafarers.
  • Memberships to seafarers clubs
  • Annual leave with paid air tickets to destination of choice
  • Accident Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • For Deck Department: Vision should be 6/6 in better eye and 6/9 in the other eye;
  • For Engine and Electrical Department: Vision should be 6/12 in each eye or 6/9 in better eye and 6/18 in the other eye;
  • The vision should be 6/6 (normal) in each eye separately.
  • If defective color vision is tested, then there is a disqualification.

Indian Merchant Navy Salary after 10th or Merchant Navy Salary after 12th varies according to the capability of the officers. There are so many chances of promotions in short time and increment in salaries. In Merchant Navy, salary of officers and other posts range from thousand to lakhs based on their capabilities.

Dear aspirants, we hope you are satisfied with the info provided by us on this page of about Merchant Navy Salary in India 2021 or Navy Merchant Salary Per Month In India.


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