Virtual balconies are a feature found on some cruise ships, which are designed to give passengers the feeling of having a balcony cabin, even if their cabin does not actually have one. Instead, virtual balconies use advanced technology to display a live, high-definition video feed of the ocean and surroundings outside the ship.

Virtual balconies were first introduced by Royal Caribbean International in 2014 as part of their Quantum-class ships, and have since been installed on other ships in their fleet. The technology used in virtual balconies includes floor-to-ceiling HD screens, which display a real-time feed from high-resolution cameras mounted on the ship’s exterior.

The screens are synchronized with the ship’s motion, so passengers can get a realistic sense of the movement of the ship and the changing view outside their cabin. Some virtual balcony cabins also include speakers to enhance the experience, providing the sounds of the ocean and the ship’s movement.

Virtual balconies are typically found on interior cabins, which do not have actual balconies due to their location within the ship’s interior. By providing a virtual balcony, cruise lines can offer passengers a more immersive experience and the feeling of having a balcony cabin without the added cost.

Virtual balconies are not available on all cruise lines or ships, and their availability may depend on the cabin category and price range. However, they are becoming more common as cruise lines look to provide passengers with innovative features and amenities that enhance their experience while onboard.

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