As I watch the sunset dwindling into the evening sky,

    I thought of the last time we split and I kissed you good-bye.

    As I watched the rays split, right through the silver cloud,

    I think of the present as we are apart and I silently cry aloud.

    As I watch the dolphins play and in the water swirl around,

    It makes me think of our kids, as I miss their cheerful sound

    As I gaze at the moon on the opposite, that’s rising by the tide

    I miss your warmth and comfort and presence by my side

    As I stare at the flock of birds, migrating to lands far away

    I know our separation gets us closer with every passing day.

    As I watch the stars and the clouds play the game of hide and seek,

     I think of our newborn babe, so humble and so meek.

    And as the sun dies away, giving birth to the silent night,

    I picture you with the kids, giving them a cuddle tight.

    And as my watch comes to an end and it’s time to go to bed

    Only you, home, and the kids keep ringing in my head

    But we sailors are meant to be tough and cover our emotional side

    But at times our feelings and emotions are too difficult to hide

    Being away from home ‘n loved ones is just a small road of thorns

    Cos we know that this road will end, as with the next sunrise a new day dawns.

    Credit- Eldren Goez


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