A boat or ship, which is used to catch fish (Piscary) in lake, sea or river, is referred to as Fishing Vessel. Fishing may be deep-sea fishing or freshwater fishing. 

Larger fishing vessels are required for deep-sea fishing as it is heavy output fishing and rather difficult as performed in oceans, whereas smaller fishing boats for freshwater fishing.

Deep-sea fishing is an arduous task because to catch the desired sort of fish one has to face the complexity and uncertainties of oceans.

Different sorts of fishing vessels are used to serve this purpose. On the basis of the purpose they serve, fishing vessels are categorised in three classes namely:

Types Of Fishing Vessels

  1. Commercial fishing vessels,
  2. Artisanal fishing vessels
  3. Recreational fishing vessels.

What is Commercial Fishing

Commercial fishing vessels or Industrial fishing vessels are the vessels employed for catching fish and other seafood generally from wild fisheries for commercial profit.

Commercial fishing is responsible for availing a large quantity of food for many countries around the globe, but this is done with the help of deep-sea fishing vessels and rather a difficult job to do, due to uncertainties of big oceans.

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What is Artisanal Fishing

Artisanal fishing boats also known as traditional or subsistence fishing boats are various small-scale, low-technology fishing boats which are owned by individuals; these boats are the major competition to commercial fishing boats as they decrease the income of commercial boats by supplying seafood in the local regions.

What is Recreational Fishing

Recreational fishing vessels are the vessels which are not dedicated to fishing alone; rather fishing is done through these boats for fun and amusement. These vessels may range from both small to large vessels.

Fishing vessels are indispensable to maritime operations. They fulfil a vital need for reconciling demand with supply in the fisheries sector so much so that in their absence, a very simple yet equally essential activity would come to a standstill.

As is in any domain, even in the aspect of fishing boats, various evolutionary methodologies have come to be adopted over the course of time.

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Easy Guide to Types of Fishing Boats

Fishing Boats are classified into many types of Fishing Boats, some of them are mentioned below

1. Trawlers

2. Non-trawling Vessels

3. Seiners

4. Longliners

5. Tuna clippers

6. Gillnetters

7. Crabbers

8. Drifters

9. Factory Ship

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